Sound and Noise for Class 5

Hello students, welcome to this chapter – Sound and Noise for Class 5. In this chapter we would learn about different types of sounds that we hear or experience every day in our life. We hear different sound through out the day.

Have you observed that from the moment we wake up in the morning till the time we go to sleep we hear all different types of sound.

All these sounds are distinct from each other. Some sounds are pleasant to hear which makes us feel happy and relaxed. Some sounds are loud and unpleasant which are harmful to our ears if we listen to them for too long. 

Sounds Made by Common Objects

Look around your house. There are many different objects in the house such as fan, television, washing machine, refrigerator, utensils, chair, table, door, etc. Each these objects make different sounds.

Sound made by some objects are low which can heard only when you listen to them very closely. Whereas some objects make loud sound which can be heard even from some distance away. Some common sounds made by objects in the house are given below:

  • When your mother works in the kitchen you may have heard sounds made by spoon, jug, plate, glass, etc. Pressure cooker makes loud whistle sound when steam escapes from it.
  • The wall clock in the house makes soft ‘tick’ sound when the second hand moves.
  • The door bell in the house makes sound loud enough to be heard by anyone in the house.
  • Washing machine also makes sound when the clothes are washed in it.
  • Whenever we press any switch to start a fan, bulb or television it makes a soft sound.

Sounds Made by Living Beings

Living beings such as we humans, animals and birds make different types of sound. We usually make sound when we speak to each other.

If you go out from your house to a playground or a market or a railway station or a airport you hear many different types of sounds. In a playground you may hear sounds made by children while playing any sports.

In a crowded market you may hear vendors or sellers shouting to attract visitors to their shops to sell them their goods. In a railway station or a airport you may hear announcements made on loudspeaker about flights of different airlines. Sounds are also made when we laugh, cry, clap, sing.

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Pleasant and Unpleasant Sounds

Any sound that makes us feel happy and relaxed is called pleasant sound. Some examples of pleasant sounds are given below.

  • Sound made by light rain
  • Sound made by waves on a beach
  • Sound made by musical instruments such as harmonium or violin or piano.
  • Sound made by birds like nightingale.

Sound that makes us feel uncomfortable and irritating is called unpleasant sound. Some examples of unpleasant sounds are given below.

  • Sound made by an aeroplane while landing and takeoff.
  • Loud music
  • Loud explosions
  • Loud sound made by crackers

Sounds Made by Animals and Birds

Animals and birds also make different types of sounds. Sounds made by different animals are given below:

  • Lion, Tiger – roar
  • Monkey – chatter
  • Bear – growl
  • Jackal, Wolf – howl
  • Frogs – croak
  • Donkey – bray
  • Cow – moo

Sounds made by different birds are given below:

  • Parrot – screech
  • Sparrow – chirp
  • Pigeons – coo
  • Eagle – scream
  • Crow – caw
  • Duck – quack

Animals and birds make sound for different purposes. They make loud sound to inform others about dangers. They make sound to attract females. They also make sound to inform others about the location of food.

Important Warning Sound

Warning sounds are important as they alert us to stay from a place or situation which may put our lives in danger. Some common warning sounds that are used in different situations are given below.

  • Fire Engine Siren: You may have seen fire engine using its siren on its way to a place to extinguish fire. Siren is a device that makes a loud prolonged signal or warning sound. Siren is used by fire engine vehicle so that other vehicles on the road allow it to pass and reach the place where fire has gone out of control quickly and to help people trapped in the fire.
    Sound made by Fire Engine
    Fire Engine
  • Fire Alarm Sound: In many large buildings you may have seen fire alarm system. If fire is caught inside a building the fire alarm system makes large sound to warn people. After hearing the fire alarm we should immediately leave the building.
  • Ambulance Siren: Ambulance uses its siren when it is on its way to reach a patient or is taking a patient to the hospital. The siren makes a loud prolonged signal so that vehicles on the road allow it to pass and allow it provide medical help to the patient at the earliest.
    Ambulance Siren

What is Noise Pollution?

Noise is a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance. Excessive and continuous loud sound is called noise pollution. It causes disturbances to small children, elderly and sick people, and even animals.

A loud noise can be harmful to our ears. Noise pollution does not allow students to study properly. Continuous loud noise does not allow to concentrate on work. During loud noise we can’t even talk to each other.

Machines in factories, loud speakers, honking sound made by vehicles, televisions, bursting of crackers, etc. are common cause of noise pollution.

Noise pollution can cause the following problems:

  • headaches and ear aches.
  • tiredness and stress
  • loss of sleep
  • loss of concentration in study and work
  • loss of hearing



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