Food for Class 4

Objective of the chapter: Food – Class 4You will learn:what are nutrientstypes of nutrientsabout the importance of balanced diethow to cook food properlyhow to preserve foodFood for Class 4Do you know why food is important for us? Food gives us energy to work, study and play. Food also helps us to grow properly. Without food we will … Read more

Reproduction in Animals – Class 4

Objective of the chapter: Reproduction in Animals – Class 4You will learn:what is the importance of reproductionhow animals reproduceabout metamorphosis in some animalsReproduction in Animals – Class 4 Do you know why animals reproduce? As the time goes by all the living things grow, become old and then die. The stages in the life of a living … Read more

Adaptations in Plants – Class 4

Objective of the chapter: Adaptations in Plants – Class 4You will learn:why different plants and animals live in different environmentdifferent types of plants (aquatic, terrestrial, evergreen and deciduous)how plants are adapted to the environment in which they live Animals and plants can be found anywhere you go. You may have observe that plants and animals living … Read more

How Plants Make Food – Class 4

Objective of the chapter: How Plants Make Food – Class 4You will learn:why plants are important for usabout photosynthesis and the role of chlorophyll in itwhy plants and animals are dependent on each other All green plants make their own food and the process by which plants make food is called photosynthesis. We will learn more about … Read more

Digestion of Food for Class 4

Digestive System

Digestion of Food for Class 4 In this chapter, Digestion of Food, Class 4, we learn will learn about how the food we eat are digested by our body and how the digested food gives us energy to do work. We will also learn about different organs inside our body which helps to digest the … Read more

Teeth and Microbes for Class 4

Structure of a Tooth

Teeth and Microbes A child gets first tooth when he/she is six or seven months old. At the age of three a child has usually 20 teeth. The first set of teeth is called milk teeth or temporary teeth. When the child is about six years old, the milk teeth or temporary teeth begins to … Read more

The States of Matter – Class 4

States of Matter

Everything around us is called matter. Matter is anything that has weight and takes up space. All the living things such as birds, animals and plants, and all the non-living things such as chairs, tables, balls, air and water are matter. All these things have their own weight and takes up space. Let’s learn more … Read more