50 Science Quiz Questions for Class 5 With Answers

Hello children, below you will find 50 Science quiz questions for Class 5. Each question has four answer options out of which only one option is the correct answer. Correct answer to each question is also given. I hope that by going through these Science Questions for Class 5 with answers will help you enrich your … Read more

Work Force and Energy for Class 5

Work Force and Energy for Class 5 A work is said to be done when we use force to push or pull objects around us. Now, to do this work we need certain amount of energy. Without energy we cannot do any work. Thus, work, force and energy are all inter-related to each other. In … Read more

Sound and Noise for Class 5

Hello students, welcome to this chapter – Sound and Noise for Class 5. In this chapter we would learn about different types of sounds that we hear or experience every day in our life. We hear different sound through out the day. Have you observed that from the moment we wake up in the morning … Read more

Simple Machines – Class 5

Simple Machines

Machines makes our work easier. There are many tasks which need a lot of time and effort to do them. There are also many tasks that we cannot do ourselves. To do such tasks we use machines. Machines makes our work a lot easier and takes less time. What are Simple Machine? Machines can be … Read more

Food and Health – Class 5

Food and Health

Objective of the chapter: Food and Health – Class 5 You will learn about: nutrients & different types of nutrients different types of food balanced diet deficiency diseases Food is important for all living things. Food contains essential nutrients which are important for proper growth and development of our body. In this chapter we will learn … Read more