Money – Class 3 Mathematics

Money Class 3

Objective of the chapter: Money – Class 3You will learn to:convert rupees and paiseadd, subtract and multiply rupees and paisesolve word problems involving money and paiseapply knowledge in real life situation In this chapter – Money for Class 3, we will be solving problems involving money.  We will learn to convert Paise into Rupees and Rupees into Paise.  Let’s … Read more

Planet Earth for Class 3

Earth - Blue Planet

Planet Earth for Class 3In our solar system, our Earth is the only planet to have life. About 71 per cent of the Earth is covered with water. Because we have so much water, Earth is also called the Blue Planet.Earth looks like blue planet when seen from space.When the Earth was formed, it was … Read more

Rocks and Soil – Class 3

Rocks and Soil for Class 3

Rocks and Soil In the beginning the earth was full of big rocks. The Sun heated up the rocks and the rain cooled them. This heating and cooling over thousands of years broke down the big rocks into smaller rocks. The smaller rocks continued to break down and formed tiny pieces of soil. If you … Read more

Air, Water and Weather – Class 3

Water Cycle

Air, Water and Weather Air is the Earth’s atmosphere. We are surrounded by air. We cannot see it but can feel the air when it blows. Moving air is called wind. It has no color or smell. Air has an indefinite shape and volume.  Air is a matter as it has mass and weight. Air around us is a mixture … Read more

Measurement of Weight – Class 3

We use standard units to measure weight. The standard unit for measuring weight are grams (g) and kilogram (kg). We use these measurements depending on how light or heavy the object is. For weighing light objects we use gram and for weighing heavier objects we use kilogram. This maths chapter – Measurement of Weight is important … Read more

Measurement of Length – Class 3

Measurement of Length - Class 3

We use standard units to measure length. The standard unit for measuring length are centimetre (cm), metre (m) and kilometre (km). We use these measurements depending on how large or small the length or distance is. For measuring large distance we use kilometre and for measuring small distance we use metre and centimetre. This maths … Read more

Festivals of India – Class 3

Festivals of India – Class 3 India is a land of festivals. Every month has one or more festivals. We Indians celebrate festivals round the year. Some festivals are celebrated across India while some are celebrated only in some states. In India we celebrate national festivals, religious festivals and harvest festivals. National Festivals of India … Read more