Work Force and Energy for Class 5

Work Force and Energy for Class 5 A work is said to be done when we use force to push or pull objects around us. Now, to do this work we need certain amount of energy. Without energy we cannot do any work. Thus, work, force and energy are all inter-related to each other. In … Read more

Sound and Noise for Class 5

Hello students, welcome to this chapter – Sound and Noise for Class 5. In this chapter we would learn about different types of sounds that we hear or experience every day in our life. We hear different sound through out the day. Have you observed that from the moment we wake up in the morning … Read more

Digestion of Food for Class 4

Digestive System

Digestion of Food for Class 4 In this chapter, Digestion of Food, Class 4, we learn will learn about how the food we eat are digested by our body and how the digested food gives us energy to do work. We will also learn about different organs inside our body which helps to digest the … Read more

Teeth and Microbes for Class 4

Structure of a Tooth

Teeth and Microbes A child gets first tooth when he/she is six or seven months old. At the age of three a child has usually 20 teeth. The first set of teeth is called milk teeth or temporary teeth. When the child is about six years old, the milk teeth or temporary teeth begins to … Read more

Planet Earth for Class 3

Earth - Blue Planet

Planet Earth for Class 3 In our solar system, our Earth is the only planet to have life. About 71 per cent of the Earth is covered with water. Because we have so much water, Earth is also called the Blue Planet. Earth looks like blue planet when seen from space. When the Earth was … Read more

Rocks and Soil – Class 3

Rocks and Soil for Class 3

Rocks and Soil In the beginning the earth was full of big rocks. The Sun heated up the rocks and the rain cooled them. This heating and cooling over thousands of years broke down the big rocks into smaller rocks. The smaller rocks continued to break down and formed tiny pieces of soil. If you … Read more