Types of Maps – Class 5

Types of Maps for Kids

Objective of the chapter: Maps Our Guide – Class 5You will learn about:the difference between a Globe and a Mapwhy we prefer using maps to globesdifferent types of mapselements of a map In the chapter, Globe – A Model of the Earth, we have learned that a globe is a small model of the Earth. It is … Read more

The Globe – A Model of the Earth

Globe Model of Earth

Objective of the chapter: The Globe – A Model of the Earth (Class 5)You will learn about:The shape of the EarthThe Globe as a small model of the EarthThe North Pole and the South PoleLatitudes and Longitudes The Shape of the EarthLong ago, people believe that the Earth was flat. They believe that if anyone … Read more

Climate of India for Class 5

Climatic Region of India

Objective of the chapter: Climate of India (Class 5)You will learn about:weather and climatedifference between weather and climatefactors that determine climateseasons in Indiaclimatic regions of Indiathree heat zones of the Earth Weather and ClimateWeather is the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time. For example, hot, cold or windy. The weather of a … Read more

Elections in India – Class 5

India is a democratic country. Elections in India play a very vital role in the country’s politics and its overall growth and development. In election, citizens of India exercise their power to vote and elect representatives of their choice. Types of Elections in India The major types of elections which are held in India are … Read more

Democratic Government of India – Class 5

Indian flag

India is a democratic country. Democracy means a system of government where people of the country exercise their power to vote and choose their representatives by voting for them in elections. Thus, in India, the Constitution guarantees Fundamental Rights to all the citizens of the country to choose government of their choice. India has 29 … Read more

The Constitution of India – Class 5

Indian Parliament

What is the Constitution of India? The Constitution of India is the supreme law of India. Just as a school needs certain rules to function well, a country also needs certain rules which are called laws. These laws are contained in the Constitution of India. This document lays down the procedures, powers, and duties of government … Read more

Agriculture in India – Class 5

Agricultural Farming

Agricultural Farming What is Agriculture? Agriculture refers to the human activity of cultivating crops and plantation for production of food and goods such as wheat, rice, pulses, cotton, sugarcane, jute, oil seeds, etc. Agriculture consists of two words – agri and culture. Agri means the land and culture means to cultivate or tend. Farming is … Read more

Natural Disasters – Class 5

Natural Disaster

Natural Disasters Natural disaster is a natural event such as a flood, earthquake, drought, landslides, volcanic eruptions or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life (see the above image). Earthquake Earthquake Earthquakes are sudden vibration or tremors on the surface of the earth. Earthquakes can be both minor and major in intensity. Major … Read more