20 Independence Day Quiz Questions

independence day quiz questions

Hello children! Here are 20 important quiz questions on Indian Independence Day. After going through these Independence Day quiz questions and answers, you will be able to answer all the important events related to Indian Independence Day. So, let’s get started. 20 Quiz Questions on Indian Independence Day When did India gain independence from British … Read more

Computer Questions and Answers for Children

Computer Questions and Answers

Objective of the chapter: Computer Questions and Answers In this chapter, you will learn different questions on computer and internet. Questions will be related to:Primary and Secondary Memory of the computerInput and Output DevicesSome Internet TerminologiesApplication Software, Operating System SoftwareComputer Questions and Answers Below we have provided 50 very important computer questions with answers for school students. These … Read more

GK Questions for Class 4 [2021]

GK Questions for Class 4

Objective of the chapter: General Knowledge for Class 4You will learn general knowledge related to:ScienceComputerGeographySportsPlacesand othersGK Questions for Class 4 Below we have provided 50 very important gk questions for class 4 with the answers. These general knowledge questions for grade 4 students will help them to prepare for Olympiad as well as quiz competitions. In the end, … Read more

Important Facts About Human Body

Important Facts About Human Body Some important facts of human body are given below. These include facts related to bones, blood, heart, brain, urine, skin, nerve, etc. Largest and strongest Bone in the body Femur (thigh bone) Smallest Bone in the body Stapes in ear Number of Cells in the body 75 trillion Volume of … Read more

Common Diseases and Affected Body Parts

Common Diseases and Affected Body Parts List of common human diseases are given below. The list also contains human body parts/organs which are affected by these diseases. Diseases Affected Body Parts AIDS Immune system of the body Arthritis Joints Asthma Bronchial muscles Bronchitis Lungs Carditis Heart Cataract Eye Cystitis Bladder Colitis Intestine Conjunctivitis Eye Dermatitis … Read more

Biggest and Smallest Countries in the World

Biggest Countries in the World List of top 10 biggest countries of the world in terms of area and population are given below. Biggest Countries (in Area) Biggest Countries (in Population) 1. Russia 1. China 2. Canada 2. India 3. USA 3. USA 4. China 4. Indonesia 5. Brazil 5. Brazil 6. Australia 6. Pakistan … Read more