Computer Questions and Answers for Children

Objective of the chapter: Computer Questions and Answers 

In this chapter, you will learn different questions on computer and internet. Questions will be related to:

  • Primary and Secondary Memory of the computer
  • Input and Output Devices
  • Some Internet Terminologies
  • Application Software, Operating System Software

Computer Questions and Answers

Below we have provided 50 very important computer questions with answers for school students.

These basic computer questions for students will help them to prepare for Olympiad as well as quiz competitions.

In the end, we have also provided a video on computer MCQ for practice. After learning all the computer questions, you can go through the video and check your preparations.

Let's learn all the 50 basic computer questions and answers.

1. Is Scanner a input device?

Yes. Scanner, Mouse, Keyboard are examples of input devices.

2. Word Art is a feature of:

MS Word

3. Who is called the Father of Computer?

Charles Babbage

4. The internet can be described as a:

Network of networks

5. Which is odd among Linux, Windows, Unix and Internet?

Linux, Windows and Unix are operating systems.

Internet is a network of networks. We use internet to search for specific information.

6. Which is called the Brain of Computer?

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

7. A set of instructions that tell a computer to perform a specific task:


8. ______ means binary digit i.e. 0 and 1.


9. 1 MB = __________ .

1024 Kilo Byte (KB)

10. Which device used to store data outside a computer?

Pen drive

11. Who is called the Father of Internet?

Vint Cerf

12. By default, a document created in MS Word is printed in:

Portrait mode

13. WWW stands for:

World Wide Web

14. First generation computers used:

Vacuum Tubes

15. Primary Memory of a computer are:


RAM = Random Access Memory

ROM = Read Only Memory

16. MS Word has a ready-made graphics of pictures called:

Clip Art

17. To display presentation in full screen, we can use Slide Show in:

MS PowerPoint

18. Deleted files and folders are temporarily stored in:

Recycle Bin

19. Windows operating system is a product of:

Microsoft Corporation

20. CPU stands for:

Central Processing Unit

21. The small picture representing a program is called:

An Icon

22. Google Chrome is a popular:

Web Browser

23. Is RAM a primary memory device?


24. Which is the fastest and most expensive computer?


25. Electronic device that process data to convert it into information:


26. 1 TB = ________.

1 TB = 1024 GB

TB = Terabyte

GB = Gigabyte

27. GUI stands for:

Graphical User Interface

28. Multimedia content contain:

Text, audio and video

29. A collection of web pages containing information is called:


30. The blinking point which shows your position in the text is called:


31. is a:

Search Engine

32. Hard disk, CD-ROM and Pen drive are:

Secondary memory

33. Is RAM a volatile or non-volatile memory?

RAM is a volatile memory.

34. A page on internet that contains text, graphics, audio and video:

Web page

35. Ctrl + Z is used for:


36. A PowerPoint presentation is a collection of:


37. RAM stands for:

RAM = Random Access Memory

38. The fourth-generation computers used:


39. Mathematical and logical functions in a computer are done by:


40. The process of transferring files from Internet to a computer is called:


41. The process of feeding data into a computer is called:


42. The Number System based on 0 and 1 only is known as:

Binary System

43. While working on a computer, documents are temporarily stored in:


44. Is UPS an integral part of a computer?


UPS = Uninterrupted Power Supply

A computer can run even without a UPS. That is why it is not an integral part of a computer.

45. Which represents the fastest data transmission speed?


gbps = gigabyte per second

46. A bar code reader is an example of:

Input device

47. IT stands for:

Information Technology

48. An error is also known as:


49. A series of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do is called a:


50. ROM stands for:

Read Only Memory

You can practice all the above 50 computer questions and answers in the form of quiz.

A video is given below that contains 50 computer gk questions.

Each questions has four answer options. Out of these, only one answer option is the right answer.

You have 5 seconds to answer each question. After 5 seconds, correct answer is revealed.

Let's watch the computer MCQ video below.