Daily Use English Words for Children

Objective of the article: Daily Use English Words for Children

In this article, you will learn:

  • 100 daily use English words
  • English meanings of each words
  • Hindi meanings of each words
  • How to use words in English sentences

Daily Use English Words

If you want to improve your English vocabulary or English speaking skills, or how to use words in sentences, please go through each section given here.

Each section contains 10 English words. Each words are explained with its meaning and its usage in sentence.

Let's get started.

Section 1

This section contains 10 Daily Use English Words with Meanings and Example Sentence.

The words that you'll learn in this section are curious, restless, dangle, pardon, mighty, precious, talent, discover, fragile and generate.

1. Curious

Meaning: eager to know or learn something

Example sentence: Children are curious about everything around them.

2. Restless

Meaning: unable to stay still or calm

Example sentence: Children always get restless on long trips.

3. Dangle

Meaning: to hang freely

Example sentence: Sanjana is sitting on the bench with her legs dangling.

4. Pardon

Meaning: forgive

Example sentence: The king granted him a pardon.

5. Mighty

Meaning: very strong or powerful

English sentence: Alexander was a mighty emperor.

6. Precious

Meaning: of great value; not to be wasted

Example sentence: Diamond is a precious stone.

7. Talent

Meaning: a natural skill or ability

English sentence: Nikhil has a talent for painting.

8. Discover

Meaning: to find something new

English sentence: Scientist are hoping to discover the cause of the epidemic.

9. Fragile

Meaning: easily broken or damaged

English sentence: Handle the glass vase carefully. It's very fragile.

10. Generate

Meaning: to produce or create something

English sentence: Nuclear power is used to generate electricity.

We have also create a video on Daily Use English Words where we have also provided meanings and example sentence in Hindi.

This is especially important for students who wants to learn daily use English words in Hindi. Though students of any language can benefit by watching the video.

Watch the video (Section - 1) given below.

Section 2

This section include another 10 Daily Use English Words with Meanings and Example Sentence.

The words that you'll learn are haste, grieve, clog, familiar, partial, combat, pretend, stare, robust and standstill.

1. Haste

Meaning: hurry, urgency of movement or action

Example sentence: Police are needed to act in haste if they want to capture the criminals.

2. Grieve

Meaning: to feel great sadness

Example sentence: The children are still grieving the death of their mother.

3. Clog

Meaning: to block or become blocked

Example sentence: The roads were clogged with heavy rain.

4. Familiar

Meaning: well known to you

Example sentence: I am familiar with this neighborhood.

5. Partial

Meaning: not complete

English sentence: That project was only a partial success.

6. Combat

Meaning: a fight between armed forces

Example sentence: He was killed in combat during the Second World War.

7. Pretend

Meaning: try to make someone believe something untrue

English sentence: He is pretending as if he has not done something wrong.

8. Stare

Meaning: to look at something for a long time

English sentence: Everybody stare at his big moustache.

9. Robust

Meaning: strong and healthy

English sentence: Fireman needs to be robust because fighting fires is a very difficult job.

10. Standstill

Meaning: No movement, progress or activity

English sentence: Due to rally, the traffic has come to a complete standstill.

All the above 10 words with their meanings in English and Hindi are included in the video given below.

It will take only 3-minutes in the video to learn all the 10 daily use English words of Section - 2.

For better understanding, carefully watch the usage of words in the sentences. We have included sentences in both the English and Hindi language (for Hindi speaking children).

Section 3: 10 Daily Use English Words with Meanings and Example Sentence.

1. Aboard

Meaning: on or into a ship, bus, train, or aircraft

Example sentence: We were all aboard the ship last night.

2. Bankrupt

Meaning: not having enough money to clear debt

Example sentence: My friend had to leave college when his father went bankrupt.

3. Idle

Meaning: not being used

Example sentence: The machines remains idle when demand is low.

4. Strive

Meaning: make effort to achieve something

Example sentence: I will strive to overcome problems in my life.

5. Horrible

Meaning: causing or likely to cause horror; shocking

English sentence: The destruction caused by the recent hurricane was horrible.

6. Decline

Meaning: continuous loss of strength, quality, or value

Example sentence: The standard of education has declined in this country.

7. Estimate

Meaning: an approximate calculation

English sentence: Can you estimate his age?

8. Harmony

Meaning: a state of peaceful existence

English sentence: People of different religions should live together in harmony.

9. Implement

Meaning: to start using a plan or system

English sentence: Some teachers are finding it difficult to implement the online classes.

10. Unforeseen

Meaning: not expected, unanticipated

English sentence: Due to unforeseen circumstances the school fee has been raised by twenty per cent.

Section 4:

10 Daily Use English Words with Meanings and Example Sentence.

In Section 4, we have provide the following important daily use English words - humble, jubilant, lethal, marginal, narrow, pledge, compulsory, foe, annoy and outfit.

1. Humble

Meaning: not proud, not arrogant

Example sentence: Despite his success, he is a very humble person.

2. Jubilant

Meaning: feeling great happiness due to a success

Example sentence: Steve was jubilant about getting a promotion in the job.

3. Lethal

Meaning: that can cause great damage or death

Example sentence: Drunken driving can be extremely lethal.

4. Marginal

Meaning: small in size or importance

Example sentence: There has been only a marginal improvement in her health.

5. Narrow

Meaning: small in width as compared to length

English sentence: My car had a lot of trouble passing through the narrow street.

6. Pledge

Meaning: a formal promise or agreement

Example sentence: Government has pledged Rs 1000 crore for corona patients.

7. Compulsory

Meaning: that is required by law or rule

English sentence: English is compulsory for all students in the class.

8. Foe

Meaning: an enemy or opponent

English sentence: He neither has any friend nor foe.

9. Annoy

Meaning: to make somebody angry, to trouble

English sentence: He got annoyed with me over a minor mistake.

10. Outfit

Meaning: a set of clothes worn on a particular occasion

English sentence: She bought a new outfit for the party.