How Our Towns Are Run for Class 4

How Our Towns Are Run

For Class 4


  1. Who gives the municipality money to carry out his jobs?

    A municipality works to provide good living conditions for the people of a town or city. For carrying out this job municipality gets money from the state government and from the taxes people pay.
  2. Write five things that a municipality does.

    1. It builds and maintain roads and keeps them clean.
    2. It provides people with clean drinking water.
    3. It looks after the lighting of the streets.
    4. It opens dispensaries and health centres.
    5. It builds parks and playgrounds, and plants trees.
  3. What is a ration shop?

    A ration shop is a shop where poor people can buy groceries at a low price.
  4. Why should we pay municipal taxes honestly?

    We should pay municipal taxes honestly so that municipality could provide us good living conditions.


  1. The members of a municipality are elected by the __________ of the town or city.
  2. The municipal body of a large city is called a municipal ___________.
  3. When a person dies, the municipality issues a ________ certificate.
  4. Before a building can be built, its __________ must be passed by the municipality.
  5. People who own houses pay property ________ to the municipality.

  1. residents
  2. corporation
  3. death
  4. plan
  5. tax

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