How Our Country Is Run for Class 4

How Our Country Is Run


Indian Parliament

For Class 4


  1. Who can vote in the general election?

    Any Indian above the age of 18 can vote in the general election.
  2. Who becomes the prime minister of our country?

    The leader of the party which has more than half the number of MPs in the parliament becomes the prime minister.
  3. What is the constitution of a country?

    The constitution of a country are the rules according to which a country is governed.
  4. Who makes laws for a state?

    Each state has an assembly and it make laws for the state.
  5. Who elects the president of our country?

    The president of our country is elected by the members of the parliament and the state assemblies for a period of five years.
  6. What do the prime minister and the council of ministers do?

    The main job of the prime minister and the council of ministers was to make sure that the different government offices work properly and carry out the decisions of the government.


  1. In a democracy, the government is formed by leaders elected by the __________.
  2. In a republic, a _________ cannot be the head of the country.
  3. The president is elected for ___ years.
  4. A state is run by the _______ and his or her council of ministers.
  5. A _________ is an organisation which believes that a country should be governed in a certain way.

  1. people
  2. king
  3. five
  4. chief minister
  5. party

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