Caring for Public Property – Class 4

Caring for Public Property

Taj Mahal

For Class 4


  1. What is public property? Why should we look after such property?

    Things that belong to everyone are called public property. For example, roads, parks or railway stations.
    We should look after public property because if we do not, we will make things difficult for ourselves and for others. For example, if we throw garbage on streets, it will make the streets dirty and ugly besides diseases will spread from rotting garbage.
  2. Give three reasons why it is not good to cut trees along roads?

    Trees along roads should not be cut because
    1. With trees the place look nice.
    2. Trees gave us shade in hot summer.
    3. Trees hold soil in place and keep the air clean.
  3. Write about two things that we should not do on trains and buses.

    1. We should not steal taps and bulbs from trains.
    2. We should not tear the covers of the seats in buses.
  4. What is tax? What is it used for?

    The money that the people of the country pay to the government is called tax. For example, when we buy something a part of the money we pay goes as tax.
    The government uses these taxes to build and maintain public property like roads, bridges and railways.
  5. Give an example to show why it is bad to damage common property.

    Lawns, corridors, lifts and parking lot of a housing complex belong to all the people living in the flats and are called common property. If any of these property gets damaged all the people of the complex will suffer.


  1. Shops, apartment buildings and hotels are public property.
  2. Roads and post offices are the common property of a group of people.
  3. The people of our country pay taxes to the government.
  4. We pay toll to use some roads and bridges.
  5. Some schools, hospitals, libraries and sports centres are built, run and maintained by the government.

  1. False. Shops, apartment buildings and hotels are private property.
  2. False. Roads and post offices are public property.
  3. True
  4. True
  5. True

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