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Our Houses and Types of Houses – Class 3

Our Houses



For Class 3

Important Points on Houses

  • Houses are made of wood, bricks, cement, steel and glass. Doors are made of woods. Windows are made of wood or steel and glass. Roof and walls are made of steel, bricks and cement.
  • Our house protects us from the Sun, rain, wind, snow, animals and enemies.
  • Different types of houses are bungalows, flats, cottage, hut, igloo, houseboat, mansion, etc.
  • Windows allows dirty air to go out and clean air to come in. It also allows sunlight to enter the house.
  • Our houses must have a good drainage system to carry away the dirty water. Dirty water is the breeding house for mosquitoes and germs.
  • Our houses must have open spaces in front or back of our house and balconies also to get enough sunlight and clean air. Sunlight kills germ that can make us sick. Therefore our houses must have proper windows to let the sunlight come in.
  • We must keep our house and its surrounding clean from garbage. Garbage attracts germs carrying insects which can spread diseases. Therefore we should throw garbage in dustbins.
  • We can also use wire netting on doors and windows to keep mosquitoes, flies and other insects away.

Types of Houses:


A Bungalow

Bungalow: It is a house that usually has only one storey.


A Mansion

Mansion: It is a very large and usually expensive house.


A Cottage

Cottage: It is a small house, usually of only one storey.


A Igloo

Igloo: It is a circular house made of blocks of hard snow.


A Houseboat

Houseboat: It is a boat that people use as their home, often kept in one place on a river or canal.



Flats: It is a one unit in a building comprising several similar housing units.


  1. Why do we need a house?
    We need a house because it protects us from sunlight, wind, rain, snow, animals and enemies.
  2. What things are used to make a house?
    Bricks, wood, cement, steel and glasses are used to make a house.
  3. Why our house must have a drainage system?
    Dirty water is the breeding house for mosquitoes and germs which can cause various diseases.  A drainage system carry away the dirty water from our house.

  4. Why we should keep our house and its surrounding clean?
    Garbage attracts germs carrying insects which can spread diseases therefore we must keep our house and its surrounding clean.

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