General Knowledge Quiz – 9

General Knowledge Quiz – 9 for School Students

10 General Knowledge Quiz questions for school students are given below. These general knowledge questions are related to traditional gk, science, sports, politics, history, geography, places, persons, events, etc. Regularly practicing these questions will make your general knowledge strong. Attempt all the 10 questions. Every questions has four options of which only one option is correct. Select the option which you think is correct. After attempting all the quiz questions select the Submit Quiz button given at the end of the quiz. On selecting the Submit Quiz button all the correct answer will be highlighted with green colour and all the wrong answer will be highlighted in red colour. Let’s start!!

Difficulty Level: EASY MEDIUM HARD

1. The number which is neither prime nor composite is:

None of these

2. Commonwealth Day is observed across the world on?

24th May
24th October
24th January
24th August

3. The length and breadth of a rectangular park are 96 metres and 74 metres respectively. A boy runs 2 times around the park. Find the distance covered by him.

340 metres
680 metres
700 metres
500 metres

4. Acid rain is caused due to pollution of atmosphere by:

oxides of nitrogen and sulphur
oxides of nitrogen and phosphorous
oxides of carbon and nitrogen
oxides of nitrogen and methane

5. Today is 15th March. After 23 days, it will be:

4th April
7th April
5th April
6th April

6. Participating in the election process is called:

Universal Adult Franchise

7. On its elliptical path when earth is farthest to Sun, it is called:


8. On which day Christmas Eve is observed across the world?

1st December
25th December
24th December
26th December

9. Actress Deepika Padukone got married with which Bollywood actor?

Ranveer Singh
Ranbir Kapoor
Sushant Singh Rajput
Arjun Kapoor

10. A list of books available in a library is called:


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