Means of Communication – Class 3

Means of Communication

Sending and receiving information or messages is called communication. Why do we communicate? We communicate to keep in touch with our friends and relatives. Through communication we can exchange our thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions, or information among people. How do we communicate? There are various means of communication. We can communicate by writing, orally or … Read more

Means of Transport for Class 3

Means of Transport​In ancient times, people used to walk on foot to travel from one place to another.When wheel was invented people began to travel by cart.With the development of science and technology, different mode of transports such as bicycle, rickshaw, motor cycle, scooter, car, bus, train, ship and aeroplane was invented. These are all … Read more

The Rajas of Thanjavur – Class 4

The Rajas of Thanjavur – For Class 4 Thousands of year ago, the Chola kings ruled in southern India. Their kingdom covered a large part of southern India. Rajaraja I (Rajaraja the First) and his son Rejendra Chola I were the most powerful Chola kings. Thanjavur was their capital in present day Tamil Nadu. The Chola … Read more

Ashok the Great – Class 4

Ashok the Great – For Class 4 Ashok was one of the greatest kings to rule in India. He was a conqueror and built a huge empire. King Ashok has special importance in history because he was a king who gave up war. About Ashok’s Family Chandragupta Maurya, grandfather of Ashok, was the first Indian … Read more

The Buddha – Class 4

The Buddha Important for Class 4 In this chapter we will learn about Gautam Buddha, Buddhism and its teachings. Gautam Buddha was a great religious teacher. He founded the religion called Buddhism. About Gautam Buddha The real name of Buddha was Siddharth Gautam. He was born in Lumbini in modern day Nepal about 2,500 years … Read more

Fireworks, Silk and the Great Wall – Class 4

Great wall of China

Fireworks, Silk and the Great Wall – Class 4Do you know that the Chinese civilization is one of the world’s oldest civilization along with the civilizations of Egypt, Iraq and the Indus valley. The Chinese civilization started about 4,500 years ago. The ancient Chinese has made great contributions to the mankind in the field of arts … Read more

Alexander the Great for Class 4

Alexander the great

Alexander the Great – Class 4Alexander was one of the greatest king of the world. He was popularly known as Alexander the Great. Alexander came from a place called Macedonia, a region of Greece. Throughout his life he fought many wars and conquered many countries.Alexander’s ChildhoodAlexander was born to Philip II, the king of Macedonia and … Read more