Local Government Agencies – Class 3

Local Government Agencies For Class 3 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. What are civic amenities? Who chooses members of the Gram Panchayat? List four important functions of the Gram Panchayat. Write three sentences about the Municipal Committee. How can we help our local agencies as good citizens? B. TRUE OR FALSE. The members of the Gram … Read more

Early Humans – Class 3

About Early Humans Early humans lived in jungles. They did not know farming and hence spent most of their time looking for food. Early humans ate mostly plants, fruit, nuts and roots found in the jungle. They use stones to kill small animals and ate their raw flesh. Where Early Humans Lived? Early humans lived … Read more

Chennai – Class 3

About Chennai Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is one of the southern states of India. The old name of Chennai is Madras. Chennai is the fourth largest city of India. It is located along the south-eastern coast of India, facing the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is a port city. Since it … Read more

Kolkata – Class 3

Victoria Memorial

Kolkata – Class 3 Kolkata was earlier known as Calcutta. It is the capital of West Bengal. It is situated on the east bank of river Hooghly. It is one of the four metro cities of India. Climate As Kolkata is situated near the seacost, it has a moderate climate. It is neither very hot … Read more

Mumbai – Class 3

Mumbai – For Class 3 Earlier Mumbai was known as Bombay. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is situated on the west coast of India facing the Arabian Sea. Climate Mumbai has a moderate climate. It is warm and humid in summer and pleasant in winter. It gets heavy rain in the monsoon months from … Read more

Delhi – Class 3

Delhi – For Class 3 Delhi is the capital of India. It was one of the seven Union Territories of India, now known as the National Capital Territory. Delhi is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna. It is bordered by Uttar Pradesh in the east and Haryana on the other three sides. Delhi consists … Read more

People In Our Lives – Class 3


People In Our Lives Many people in our society has important role to play in our lives. It would very difficult to lead a life without the help of these people. Do you know who are these people? They are Doctors, Teachers, Police and Postal Worker. Lets learn more about these people and their contributions … Read more