Air, Water and Weather – Class 3

Water Cycle

Air, Water and Weather Air is the Earth’s atmosphere. We are surrounded by air. We cannot see it but can feel the air when it blows. Moving air is called wind. It has no color or smell. Air has an indefinite shape and volume.  Air is a matter as it has mass and weight. Air around us is a mixture … Read more

Food Rich in Vitamins

Food rich in Vitamin C

Vitamins are very essential for a healthy body and mind. There are different vitamins which are needed in small quantity for the normal functioning of our body. Vitamins are required for growth in children, formation of hormones, blood cells, tissues and bones. These vitamins helps us to prevent diseases and stay healthy. Important vitamins required … Read more

Our Houses and Types of Houses – Class 3


Objective of the chapter: Our Houses & Types of Houses – Class 3You will learn about:houses and types of housesmaterials used to built a housewhy a house is important for usOur Houses For Class 3 Important Points on Houses Houses are made of wood, bricks, cement, steel and glass. Doors are made of woods. Windows are … Read more

Safety and First Aid – Class 3

Traffic signal

Safety and First Aid For Class 3 Important Points on Safety and First Aid First Aid:When an accident happens and someone gets hurt, we should try to keep cool and help the injured person. The first immediate help that an injured person needs is called first aid. In case of bleeding, wash the wound with … Read more

The Human Body – Class 3


The Human Body For Class 3 Important Points on Human Body What are the five sense organs in our human body? Eyes: We see things around us with our eyes. Nose: We smell things around us with our nose. Ears: We hear what is happening around us with our ears. Tongue: We can taste things with our tongue. Skin: We … Read more

Birds and Their Bodies – Class 3


Birds and Their Bodies For Class 3 Important Points on Birds and Their Bodies Birds are very light because their bones are thin and hollow. Due to light weight birds can fly easily. Birds like ostrich and kiwi cannot fly. Feathers of a bird help them to fly. Birds have three kinds of feathers – … Read more

Eating Habits of Animals – Class 3


Eating Habits of Animals For Class 3 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. Why does every food chain begin with a plant? What do you mean by herbivores? Give two examples. What do you mean by carnivores? Give two examples. What do you mean by omnivores? Give two examples.   B. IDENTIFY THE ANIMAL WHICH HAS- A … Read more

Parts of a Plant for Class 3

parts of a plant for class 3

Parts of a Plant for Class 3 Parts of Plant Each part of the plant has its own work to do. All these parts work together to keep the plant alive. There are two main parts of plant. One is shoot and the other is root. The Root The part of the plant that grows … Read more