General Knowledge Questions for School Students

In this section we are presenting General Knowledge Questions for School Students. The section will contain General Knowledge questions related to India, World, Sports, Awards, Science, Geography, History, Places, Countries, Rivers, etc. Regularly practicing these questions will improve your General Knowledge and help you score high in General Knowledge paper. These sections are beneficial for school students who are studying in Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5.

10 Quiz questions based on General Knowledge for School Students up to Class 5 are given below. Attempt all the questions. Every questions has four options of which only one option is correct. Select the option which you think is correct. After attempting all the quiz questions select the Submit Quiz button given at the end of the quiz. On selecting the Submit Quiz button all the correct answer will be highlighted with green colour and all the wrong answer will be highlighted in red colour. Let’s start!!

1. Who is known as father of English Poetry?

William Shakespeare
John Milton
Geoffrey Chaucer
Charles Dickens

2. Which of the following animal gives us wool?


3. The normal boiling point of water is?

90 degree
100 degree
80 degree
110 degree

4. The character of Gabbar Singh in the famous film Sholay was played by?

Amitabh Bachchan
Amjad Khan
Sanjeev Kumar

5. Where do Hindu worship?


6. Pandit Jasraj is related to the field of?


7. Who is the author of the book War and Peace?

Leo Tolstoy
William Shakespeare
V S Naipaul
Vikram Seth

8. The cartoon character Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse was created by?

Arthur Canon Doyle
Bob Kane
Rudyard Kipling
Walt Disney

9. Indian Army Day is celebrated on?

15th January
15th February
15th March
15th April

10. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on?

5th September
5th October
5th November
5th December

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