20 Interesting and Fun Riddles for Kids

Riddles for Kids

Riddles Part 1 In this article, I am presenting below 20 interesting riddles that will help yo build your mental ability to solve questions. Also, check out the below video.  If you like the above video, please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel – SmartChildren.Download link to the PDF of this riddle is given … Read more

Computer Questions and Answers for Children

Computer Questions and Answers

Objective of the chapter: Computer Questions and Answers In this chapter, you will learn different questions on computer and internet. Questions will be related to:Primary and Secondary Memory of the computerInput and Output DevicesSome Internet TerminologiesApplication Software, Operating System SoftwareComputer Questions and Answers Below we have provided 50 very important computer questions with answers for school students. These … Read more

Daily Use English Words for Children

Daily Use English Words

Objective of the article: Daily Use English Words for ChildrenIn this article, you will learn:100 daily use English wordsEnglish meanings of each wordsHindi meanings of each wordsHow to use words in English sentencesDaily Use English Words If you want to improve your English vocabulary or English speaking skills, or how to use words in sentences, please … Read more

GK Questions for Class 4 [2021]

GK Questions for Class 4

Objective of the chapter: General Knowledge for Class 4You will learn general knowledge related to:ScienceComputerGeographySportsPlacesand othersGK Questions for Class 4 Below we have provided 50 very important gk questions for class 4 with the answers. These general knowledge questions for grade 4 students will help them to prepare for Olympiad as well as quiz competitions. In the end, … Read more

Food for Class 4

Objective of the chapter: Food – Class 4You will learn:what are nutrientstypes of nutrientsabout the importance of balanced diethow to cook food properlyhow to preserve foodFood for Class 4Do you know why food is important for us? Food gives us energy to work, study and play. Food also helps us to grow properly. Without food we will … Read more

Reproduction in Animals – Class 4

Objective of the chapter: Reproduction in Animals – Class 4You will learn:what is the importance of reproductionhow animals reproduceabout metamorphosis in some animalsReproduction in Animals – Class 4 Do you know why animals reproduce? As the time goes by all the living things grow, become old and then die. The stages in the life of a living … Read more

Adaptations in Plants – Class 4

Objective of the chapter: Adaptations in Plants – Class 4You will learn:why different plants and animals live in different environmentdifferent types of plants (aquatic, terrestrial, evergreen and deciduous)how plants are adapted to the environment in which they live Animals and plants can be found anywhere you go. You may have observe that plants and animals living … Read more