Natural Resources – Class 4

wind mill

Natural Resources For Class 4 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. What is a natural resource? Give two example. What is the difference between renewable energy and non-renewable energy sources? How do we use river water? How does cutting down trees affect soil? Name four minerals. How was petroleum formed? Name three fuels we get from petroleum. … Read more

India’s Landforms – Class 4

India's landforms

India’s Landforms For Class 4 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. What makes the northern plains so fertile? What is a delta? Name one delta. Give two reasons why there are many large cities in the northern plains. What landforms form the boundaries of the Deccan Plateau? How do the people of the coastal plains make a … Read more

Our Earth – Class 4

Our Earth

Objective of the chapter: Our Earth – Class 4 You will learn about: the solar system and the heavenly bodies why Earth is a special planet air, water and soil present on Earth Earth is a special planet in our solar system. It is the only planet known to have life.   The earth has air, … Read more