Some Leaders We Remember – Class 4

Some Leaders We Remember For Class 4 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. How did Gandhiji fight against the British? Why do we remember Jawaharlal Nehru as a great leader? What were S Radhakrishnan’s thoughts about teachers? Why should Bhimrao Ambedkar get special credit for becoming a teacher and a lawyer? Name two leaders we have talked … Read more

How Our Towns Are Run – Class 4

How Our Towns Are Run For Class 4 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. Who gives the municipality money to carry out his jobs? Write five things that a municipality does. What is a ration shop? Why should we pay municipal taxes honestly? B. FILL IN THE BLANKS. The members of a municipality are elected by the … Read more

Caring for People – Class 4


Caring for People For Class 4 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. Write two ways in which you can help old people. Doctors and nurses care for people who are in hospital. Then why do such people need friends and relatives around them? How do the blind read Braille? What does the story of the selfish giant … Read more

Agriculture and Industry – Class 4


Agriculture and Industry For Class 4 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. What is the difference between food crops and cash crops? What kind of soil and climate are good for growing rice? Name two states where rice is grown. What is a cottage industry? Give an example. Name two centres of the textile industry in India. … Read more

Forests and Wildlife – Class 4

Forests and Wildlife For Class 4 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. On what does natural vegetation depend? What kinds of plants are found in mountain forests? Give reasons why forests are being cut away. Give three examples each of wild animals and birds found in India. Protecting forests is the first step we can take to … Read more