Kinds of Sentences – Class 4

Kinds of Sentences – Class 4

Every sentence has some meaning. Based on the meaning they convey we can say that there are mainly four types of sentences:

  1. Declarative sentences (also known as Assertive sentences)
  2. Interrogative sentences
  3. Imperative sentences
  4. Exclamatory sentences

Declarative (Assertive) sentences:
A Declarative sentence merely says or states something. We put a full-stop (.) at the end of a declarative sentence.
1. Rohan is playing football.
2. Sanjana is my friend.
3. Virat Kohli is the captain of Indian Cricket Team.

Interrogative sentences:
A interrogative sentence asks a question. We put a question mark (?) at the end of an interrogative sentence.
1. Who is the Prime Minister of India?
2. Which is your favourite movie?
3. Where is my book?

Imperative sentences:
An Imperative sentence expresses a command, order, request or advice. We put a full-stop (.) at the end of a imperative sentence.
1. You must not talk on mobile while you are driving. – command
2. Please accept my application for leave. – request
3. You should always rise early in the morning. – advice

Exclamatory sentences:
An Exclamatory sentence expresses some strong feelings or emotions. We put a mark of exclamation (!) at the end of a exclamatory sentence.
1. You are such a great singer!
2. What a beautiful house you have!
3. How beautiful is the flower!