Caring for People for Class 4

Caring for People

For Class 4


  1. Write two ways in which you can help old people.Caring

    1. Old people become forgetful. We can remind them to do important things, like taking medicines.
    2. Many old people have weak eyesight and cannot read or watch TV. We can help by read out to them.
  2. Doctors and nurses care for people who are in hospital. Then why do such people need friends and relatives around them?

    Ill people in hospital need friends and relatives to cheer them up and do small things for them.
  3. How do the blind read Braille?

    Books printed in Braille have letters made up of raised dots. The blind read such books by feeling the letters with their hands.
  4. What does the story of the selfish giant teach us?

    The story of the selfish giant taught us that we cannot be happy unless the people around us are happy. Thus, we need to share our lives with others.
  5. People who become deaf at a young age are unable to speak. Why?

    We learn to speak by listening to others. Thus, people who become deaf at a young age are unable to speak as they cannot listen to others.



  1. Children cannot help other children.
  2. Old people often become  forgetful.
  3. Both Louis Braille and Helen Keller became blind in childhood.
  4. NGOs work only for people with special needs.
  5. An orphanage may be run by the government or by an NGO.
  6. Children living in orphanages cannot be adopted.

  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True
  6. False


  1. Braille letters are made up of _________ dots.
  2. Helen Keller spent her life working for people with ________ needs.
  3. A group of people living in the same locality make up a __________.
  4. An NGO works for the community, and is not run by the __________.
  5. A child whose parents are dead is an ___________.

  1. raised
  2. special
  3. community
  4. government
  5. orphan

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