Agriculture and Industry for Class 4

Agriculture and Industry

For Class 4


  1. What is the difference between food crops and cash crops?Agriculture

    Food crops are plants that are grown for own use. For example, wheat and rice.
    Cash crops are plants that are grown for selling. For example, sugar cane and cotton.
  2. What kind of soil and climate are good for growing rice? Name two states where rice is grown.

    Warm and wet areas that have alluvial soil are good for growing rice. Rice is grown in West Bengal and Assam.
  3. What is a cottage industry? Give an example.

    Cottage industries use simple machines or no machines at all. They need very few workers and can be run from homes with very little money. Example, basket weaving.
  4. Name two centres of the textile industry in India. Are they close to cotton-growing areas?

    Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
    Yes, Maharashtra and Gujarat are some states that grow cotton.
  5. Jowar and bajra are important crops in Rajasthan. Why?

    Jowar and bajra are important crops in Rajasthan because they are grown in dry areas of Rajasthan.
  6. List three reasons why we need industries.

    We need industries because
    1. They make useful things for us.
    2. They provide jobs to people.
    3. A country earns money by selling industrial products to other countries.


  1. Very few Indians work as farmers.
  2. India sells tea and spices to other countries.
  3. Wheat grows well in Punjab and Haryana.
  4. Minerals are important raw materials.
  5. Cottage industries need more workers than large-scale industries.

  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. True
  5. False


  1. The most important food crops are ____________________.
  2. _________ and __________ are cash crops.
  3. North-eastern India has many ________ gardens.
  4. Industries that use raw material from farms are ________ industries.
  5. The _________ industry is a large-scale, mineral-based industry.
  6. Embroidery is a type of __________ industry.

  1. Wheat and rice
  2. cotton, sugar cane
  3. Agro-based
  4. iron and steel
  5. cottage

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