Eating Habits of Animals – Class 3


Eating Habits of Animals For Class 3 A. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. Why does every food chain begin with a plant? What do you mean by herbivores? Give two examples. What do you mean by carnivores? Give two examples. What do you mean by omnivores? Give two examples.   B. IDENTIFY THE ANIMAL WHICH HAS- A … Read more

Parts of a Plant for Class 3

parts of a plant for class 3

Parts of a Plant for Class 3 Parts of Plant Each part of the plant has its own work to do. All these parts work together to keep the plant alive. There are two main parts of plant. One is shoot and the other is root. The Root The part of the plant that grows … Read more

Living and Non-living things – Class 3


Living and Non-living things For Class 3 Living things: Living things are things that are alive. Animals and plants are living things. Characteristics of living things: All living things move. Animals run. Birds fly. Fishes swim. Even plants shows movement. If you touch the leaves of the mimosa (touch-me-not) plant, the leaves immediately closes. All … Read more